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Although the details of our addiction and recovery stories may be different, the core of our experiences is often the same. Identifying with others and fostering healthy relationships is a crucial part of the recovery process, that can prove difficult to someone fresh in recovery.

Many of our graduates have seen their lives completely restored. Most have regained custody of their children and mended broken relationships with their families. They maintain employment, are active in the local recovery community and begin to further their educations.

Living a life in recovery, these women set a strong example to those around them. They show that with their faith, family and community they can overcome any obstacle. Angel House of Georgia believes that each person relieved from drug and alcohol addiction helps to create a better environment for all.

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“I have gained a sense of self worth. I know I now have real friends ans have learned skills to cope with daily life stressors. I will take everything I have learned from here with me. Angel House has taught me to live life on life’s terms and be happy and healthy while doing it. The structures and stability helped me the most by making me do things until I wanted to do them because they are beneficial to me. Knowing that there are people still out here I can trust and actually care about my well being has helped me in my daily affairs, and will help me in new relationships in my life.”



“What helped me the most was the group sessions, by doing wrong and learning from it, and the 12 step meetings. What I can take and use is knowing that I am not alone and there is a meeting every day I can go to. Knowing now I have true friends I can call day or night. I have gained self respect, life, my one on one relationship with God, my kids and if I wasn’t here I would have never seen my other son. I have gained a family in Angel House, a place I can call home.”



“I’ve learned to notice my feelings and control them. I’ve learned how to forgive and love myself. I’ve learned what defects of character I have and how to identify them when I have so that I can try to change these things about myself that I can. I’ve learned how to get along better with others, how to be a part of a team, how to control my emotions, things to do when I need to calm down, the importance of taking care of myself, why I started using when I did, how great it feels to be sober.”



“This is a house where girls can come and simply be themselves. You can be the person that God made. The moment you walk in, you are given a key. This is the house you make your home. This is the house that is filled with light and warmth. This is the house that you will learn to walk. When you leave this house, take that key and open the door to your new life, that God had planned for you all along. That is why this is called THE ANGEL HOUSE.”

Ms. Judy 

@Ms. Judy 

“I met some amazing young women whose drive for success is amazing and their strengths are remarkable. It gave me the drive I needed to recover, I am so grateful to God for the Angel House and what it stands for. I have learned how to get up in the morning and take care of my responsibilities. I am still a work in progress but the progress I have made is remarkable. I thank God every day for the Angel House and its wonderful staff.”

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