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Residential Recovery

Angel House of Georgia is a long-term recovery residence for women with Substance Use Disorders. We are certified through THOR (Transitional Housing for Offender Reentry), and RPH (Reentry Partnership Housing).

Participants in our 12-month residential program reside full-time in a safe, supportive, structured, and substance-free living environment. This setting provides a foundation for recovery that will enable our residents to acknowledge their addiction, process the associated experiences, and move forward into new behavior patterns with a strong support network and community whose common goal is growth in recovery.

What we offer in the program?

We provide many services to ensure that each resident receives the support, structure and accountability needed for long-term recovery.  Our residents’ needs are considered on a case-by-case basis and additional services are provided based on the unique challenges faced by each individual.  

Long Term Residential:


12-step based


Random drug and alcohol screens


Individualized Case Management


Ongoing review of recovery goals


Life skills and coping techniques


Financial literacy education


Outside referrals for medication management and therapy


The staff at the Angel House of Georgia screen potential residents either by telephone or in a personal interview to determine eligibility. The requirements for admission are as follows:


Must be free from alcohol or substance use for at least 72 hours and not in need of detoxification. Must submit a urinalysis and be drug and alcohol tested on day of admission.


Must be medically stable.


Have the capacity for active participation in all levels of the program and have adequate control over her behavior.


Must not have past or present sexual charges or crimes of violence.


Must enter our facility voluntarily; if court mandated, facility must be approved by mandating parties.


Must be a female at least 18 years of age. Must provide a form of identification and submit to consent for criminal record check.


Must be able to meet personal needs without assistance.


Must not be pregnant, and will be required to do a pregnancy test before admission or entry into the program.

Note: Falsifying or witholding information may result in denial of admission or unsuccessful discharge.  Potential clients with severe dual diagnosis will be referred to a facility that provides the appropriate level of care.


Angel House of Georgia is a self-paid program.  Upon admission to the program the total due is $1500; this includes the intake fee and 2 weeks of fees.  Weekly fee while in the program is $265.  The intake fee is only refundable if mandating parties do not approve Angel House for the resident. For detailed information regarding our program, please contact our office directly at (770) 572-7945.

Transitional Housing Program

Our transitional housing program is an effective solution to facilitate reintegration into society.  Our transition residents are housed in an apartment building separate from the main campus, yet close enough to encourage continued involvement in the program.  While living in our apartments, residents are committing to continued growth, personal improvement, remaining drug-free and active in recovery.  Benefits of transitioning with us include reduced housing costs, opportunities for reunification with children and openings for community involvement. 

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